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Accounting Services

David B. Newman, LLC - AccountantIn addition to offering a wide array of tax resolution services, David B. Newman, LLC, is pleased to offer accounting services for individuals and business clients. Do you need an accounting company to counsel you on the various tax matters related to starting your own business? Do you need help with tax return preparation or financial planning for your family? We’ve got you covered. We have more experience than most accounting firms in the Charlotte area, thanks to our 40 years in the business. We’re fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. We take pride in offering excellent workmanship and customer care when it comes to accounting services. Call today to schedule your appointment with a tax accountant from our team!

Hire David B. Newman, LLC, for tax and accounting services including:

Because we’re staffed with tax attorneys, David B. Newman, LLC, is the accounting company to trust whenever you want to be sure you’re in complete legal compliance. Not only will we conduct the accounting services you need with an eye toward accuracy and thorough workmanship, we’re available for legal counsel and representation, if needed. Few accounting companies in the local area have the same level of training and breadth of knowledge that David B. Newman, LLC, brings to the table.

A Tax Accountant You Can Trust

David B. Newman, LLC - Charlotte NCWhen you come to our office for accounting service, you can be sure you’re in good hands. We’ll work hard to provide reliable workmanship with a quick turnaround time, even working 24/7 if that’s what it takes to meet your tax and accounting services needs. Whether you come to us to set up your business’s payroll tax system, help you file unpaid back taxes, or negotiate a tax settlement or other form of tax resolution, we’ll provide the same top-quality service from competent and caring professionals.

Call or e-mail David B. Newman, LLC, if you’re ready to work with one of the best accounting firms in Charlotte. We’ll be happy to give you a free cost estimate for the accountant services you require when we set up your initial consultation. When it comes to choosing among accounting companies, go with the firm that has comprehensive knowledge of federal and state tax codes, 40 years of experience in the industry, and a commitment to getting our clients the best possible results: David B. Newman, LLC! 

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