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IRS Back Taxes

When back tax debts are making your life harder, and it feels like you'll never have control of your finances again, David B. Newman, LLC, is here for you. We specialize in handling delinquent taxes, negotiating IRS settlements, and reducing penalties for taxpayers like you in the greater Charlotte area. Whether you're an individual, head of household, or small business owner who owes back taxes, you can count on us for the swift back tax relief you need. Dealing with unpaid taxes certainly isn't easy, but with our personalized tax assistance programs, you'll be back on solid ground in no time. Ready to start filing back tax returns, negotiating a penalty abatement, or setting up an affordable payment plan? Contact us today for a free initial consultation!

Back Tax Help for Individuals and Businesses

At David B. Newman, LLC, we have 40+ years of experience helping clients who owe back taxes, and our firm works to provide back taxes help for average residents and local businesses alike. Our tax lawyers offer a full spectrum of vital back tax relief services, which means we can aid a diverse range of clients in filing back taxes, handling delinquent taxes, and much more. When you need tax assistance to deal with unpaid taxes, we can work with you, the IRS, and state tax authorities to negotiate a settlement. With our expertise and training, there's virtually no tax problem we can't solve.

So, when you need to settle your IRS back taxes once and for all, just ring us up and tell us about your situation. We'll do whatever we can to help you file back taxes and deliver the most favorable outcome possible. 

Swift Settlements for Unpaid Taxes

Whether you're facing liens, levies, wage garnishment, or other serious back taxes problems, you can count on our tax lawyers to help you find a workable solution. There's no need to let tax officials pressure you or to continue stressing out over your financial situation. At David B. Newman, LLC, we understand what you're going through, and we put our expertise to work for you to end your tax woes for good. Often, we can negotiate IRS back tax solutions that involve paying less than you actually owe, so call in our team for tax assistance today.

Let Us Handle Your Unfiled Tax Returns Today!

When you find yourself facing problems with unpaid taxes, you should call David B. Newman, LLC, right away. The sooner we begin work to reduce or eliminate your tax debts, the smoother the overall process will be and the sooner you can get back to enjoying your life without the burden of tax debt weighing you down. If you wait to address your IRS back taxes, you may be unable to avoid some of the difficult hurdles that can complicate the tax relief process.

When you call the tax attorneys at David B. Newman, LLC, you can rest assured that we'll get to work right away on filing back taxes for you. From favorable back taxes settlements to superior customer service, we're here to serve you! Call now to get started.

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