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Tax Preparation Services

David B. Newman, LLC - Tax PreparationWhen it comes to preparing and filing your tax return, you want to be certain of two things: 1.) Your deductions and calculations are as accurate as possible; 2.) You're receiving the most favorite outcome possible for your refund or taxes owed. This is why it's vital to get professional tax preparation help from David B. Newman, LLC. Our expert tax services are available for individuals, families, and businesses alike. As a fully licensed and insured team with 40+ years of experience in the field, we're the team of tax attorneys you want on your side to ensure the most beneficial income tax preparation services in Charlotte. If you're ready to enjoy the advantages of working with our team of tax preparers, act now! Schedule your free initial consultation when you call.

Your Helpful, Friendly Tax Preparation Company

David B. Newman, LLC, is available for both federal and state tax preparation. We offer personalized tax preparation services for all individuals and business entities, which means we factor in all of your unique circumstances when handling your tax return. You won't be stuck with any cookie-cutter tax services here. Rather, we provide our clients with unbeatable attention to detail and friendly care in all of our income tax preparation efforts. 

Our income tax services are superior in another way, too: Our tax preparers are also qualified tax attorneys. This means we're able to provide the added benefit of IRS audit defense, should you need it. These qualifications make us Charlotte’s comprehensive source for federal and state tax preparation, no matter how simple or complicated your tax return may be.

Delinquent Tax Return Preparation

David B. Newman, LLC - Tax PreparationOur tax services cover not only the current year’s returns, but also any tax preparation service you need for delinquent returns. Do you need a skilled tax preparer to help you resolve your back taxes? Call David B. Newman, LLC. We’ll work efficiently to provide effective federal or state tax preparation help, so you can avoid further penalties on your balance due. We can also negotiate settlements with the IRS to make it easier for you to pay what you owe. We may even be able to reduce or remove your debt entirely. And of course, we’ll work with you going forward to ensure that your income tax preparation is accurate and on time, avoiding future problems.

Contact David B. Newman, LLC, today to learn more about what our tax preparers can do for you. We guarantee an error-free tax return, and we know you'll be impressed with the quality of our income tax services. Call now for a risk-free cost estimate! 

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