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David Newman can assist you with tax resolution issues, offers in compromise, tax audits, and complicated tax problems. The fact that he has over 35 years of tax experience, coupled with his education and past experience with the Internal Revenue Service, gives him a decided advantage over other tax professionals.

Also, Mr. Newman provides a free initial consultation, which can be availed of in your first phone conversation.

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David Newman offers more than 35 years of tax experience. He is a graduate of New York University (honors in accounting and finance), Cornell Law School and New York University Law School (Master’s in Taxation). He is also a graduate of Harvard Business School. 

In addition, he has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Law School and Cornell Law School, as well as an adjunct professor of taxation at the Charleston Graduate School of Business.

Mr. Newman had a one-year tour of duty several years ago in the national office of the Internal Revenue Service, where he reported directly to one of the associate chief counsels of the IRS. He has written a number of tax books and articles (on various topics including bankruptcy taxation and tax problems of distressed businesses and individuals). In fact, one of his major articles was cited by the United States Congress in one of its prior tax acts. 

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